Dunollie Castle Preservation

There was a fortification first built on this site north of Oban in the 7th century in the days of the kingdom of Dalriada.

Dunollie Castle was built in the 12 or 13th century by the third chief of the MacDougall Clan, Ewan MacDougall.

In 1746 the MacDougalls abandoned Dunollie Castle and built Dunollie House.

Since that time wind and weather had severely damaged this historical landmark. The Clan successfully helped raise funds to preserve this property and prevent further damage.

Through the efforts of the foundation and our generous donors we have been able to provide funding to install floodlights at Dunollie Castle for
Homecoming 2009.

We were also provided funds to have 2 benches made from Dunollie oak trees by John Ogden of Oban.  One bench was donated to honor Catherine Gilles for her support of the MacDougall Clan.  The second bench was donated to honor the MacDougall Clan celebrating their past and their future at the 2009 Homecoming.

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