Isle of Lismore Gaelic Museum


This small museum on the Isle of Lismore, birthplace of many MacDougalls and McCallums, is in a small thatched roof building. It has been expanded into a new building, and with great thanks to our generous supporters the foundation has:

  • Provided funding for a Datalogger for the museum which measures the temperature and humidity in the rooms where artifacts are displayed and stored.
  • Funded a video  recorder used to record and preserve the fast disappearing “Oral Traditions” of the islanders.  This includes stories of past such as the three Lismore seaman who used to sail the ” smacks” that were so important in travel between the islands.  This project is also supported by the Foundation in providing John S. Carasik Scholarship recipients to do field work to collect these stories.
  • Provided $12,000 to the new Museum to install etched glass windows made from pictures drawn by present day Lismore school children.
  • Most recently provided funds to create a banner board to display correspondence from Lismore from John MacDougall (weaver) to his son John who had just emigrated to America.

IMAGE:  Croft House, a Part of the Isle of Lismore Gaelic Museum.








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