About Us

This foundation was formed by descendents of John MacDougall and Isabel McCallum MacDougall to promote and preserve Clan history by allowing US citizens the opportunity to support MacDougall and McCallum causes with an IRS tax deductible advantage.

Core Objectives:

  • To aid in the preservation of Dunollie Castle.
  • To aid in the establishment of a public heritage center in Oban that will preserve, document, catalog and house the Hope McDougall Collection and other artifacts from Clan history.
  • To assist the Isle of Lismore Gaelic Historical Museum with its building program and the preservation of its artifacts.




  • To assist deserving students from the USA with scholarships to travel to Scotland to learn about Clan history and to assist in museum work.
  • To give United States citizens the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile cause and have the benefit of an IRS tax deduction.

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